Mission Log: "First Mission"
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Section One, Systems...
           Section is on full alert, a beehive of frantic activity. Operations is on the phone.
OPERATIONS: We're stretched thin, as it is, George. Use the Agency. I know, but they'll have to do.
OPERATIVE #1 (to Operations): The Premier is on Line Three.
OPERATIONS: George, I'll get back to you.
OPERATIVE #2 (to Operations as she passes by): White House on Line Two.
OPERATIONS (taking Line Two): Yes, sir...
Birkoff, sitting at a console, is talking to someone via a comm link.
BIRKOFF (Into his comm unit): Are you sure? (He summons Michael over.) Michael, Norwood says we've lost the entire South African team.
MICHAEL (walking by): I want a full report before midnight.
BIRKOFF (to Norwood via comm link): Full report, on Michael's desk, midnight.
Michael goes to a station and keys in. Operation joins him.
OPERATIONS: We need a team leader for the Stark operation.
MICHAEL: We're tapped out.
OPERATIONS: Dual request, highest levels. We'll reassign Kolchek.
MICHAEL: We're still short.
OPERATIONS: Grecko, when he returns from South Africa.
MICHAEL: Grecko's not coming back.
OPERATIONS: Check contingency.
Both men consult the list Michael pulls up on a monitor -- and both look surprised by what they see.

The Agency: A reference made several times in the series, referring to an otherwise unidentified entity which we know has the power to "disenfranchise" Section One. In Season Four we learn that Section One, Oversight and The Center are all part of the Agency.

Section One, Michael's office...
Nikita is sitting in a chair. Michael is standing near the windows, while Operations is pacing back and forth.
OPERATIONS (to Nikita): You'll be leading a mission. Assess, plan, prep, field command. It's three years ahead of the usual curve, but it can't be helped. You'll learn as you go. We'll give you what help we can, but in the end you'll be judged by the same standards as everyone else.
MICHAEL (to Nikita): You understand this is a level of responsibility beyond anything you've experienced before.
NIKITA: I can handle it.
OPERATIONS: It's no secret you tend to take your own approach to things. On some occasions it might even work. But this is not one of them. Do things by the book. It's there for a reason. A man named Peter Stark has been buying spent fuel rods from reactors in Eastern Europe. We want to know his methods and sources, so take him alive. I need a mission profile by 7 tomorrow morning. Staffing, logistics, probabilities, contingencies.
NIKITA: You'll have it.
OPERATIONS: That's all.
Nikita leaves the office.
MICHAEL: She has no idea what she's getting into. I'm not sure she's ready.
OPERATIONS: She'll have to be. (He leaves.)

Mission profile: The plan for carrying out a mission. Standard procedure is for a mission profiler and, sometimes, a team leader to prepare the profile, which must include an overall assessment, tactical schematic, logistical and equipment requirements, and contingencies. The profile is usually reviewed and approved by Operations before it's put into effect, and once this is done it is rare for any deviation to be permitted.

Section One, Communications...
Nikita and Birkoff are in his bay, reviewing data on his monitor.
BIRKOFF: This is Stark's compound in the Ukraine. Camerias, motion detectors, pressure sensors built in the walls.
Nikita glances up to see Michael speaking briefly with a dark-haired, female operative. She notices that as Michael walks away the woman's gaze lingers on him.
NIKITA (to Birkoff): A direct assault may not be the answer. Check his movements over the next 48 hours.
She rolls her chair to another console, where Michael joins her.
MICHAEL: How are you holding up?
NIKITA: There's a lot to do.
MICHAEL: Need help?
NIKITA: No thanks. I'll manage.
MICHAEL: Have you picked your team yet?
NIKITA: I was about to. (She pulls up a roster of operatives on her monitor.) Taylor. Mentz. Vizcano . . . . Wasn't that Vizcano you were talking to a minute ago?
NIKITA: She's assigned to your team?
MICHAEL: No. She's available.
NIKITA: Good. She's got experience. I'll take her.
BIRKOFF (arriving to hand Nikita a disk): I have a first cut of Stark's itinerary. I'll refine it later.
NIKITA (handing Birkoff another disk): Great. Here. Assemble the team. Um, have them meet me outside Systems in an hour.
BIRKOFF: Got it.
Birkoff walks away.
NIKITA: Why what?
MICHAEL: Why assemble the team?
NIKITA (typing on her keyboard): It will give them a chance to meet. Understand what's going on.
MICHAEL: That's a mistake. (As Nikita looks up at him, he continues.) Tell them only what they need to know. Establish dominance. (He starts to walk away.)
NIKITA (sarcastically): In other words, treat them like animals.
MICHAEL (turning back): Animals with guns.
He walks away.

Section One, corridor outside Systems...
Taylor, Mentz and Vizcano are lined up facing Nikita.
NIKITA: The plan hasn't been finalized, but we expect heavy action, so arm accordingly. Briefing is in thirty minutes.
Vizcano makes a sound of derision.
NIKITA: Problem, Vizcano?
VIZCANO: The briefing's in thirty minutes and the plan's not finalized?
NIKITA: The time frame is very tight. It can't be helped. (She looks at each team member in turn.) The point is, if we all do our jobs we can accomplish the mission and come back alive. But we must work together. Okay?
VIZCANO (sarcastically): That was beautiful. Excuse me while I go find a handkerchief.
As the team members walk away, Taylor and Mentz smiling, Nikita looks nonplussed.

Section One, The Perch...
Michael enters, hands Operations a panel.
OPERATIONS: Nikita's mission plan?
MICHAEL: Yes. I thought you should see it before the briefing.
OPERATIONS: How is she doing?
MICHAEL: She doesn't take advice. It's risky promoting her early.
OPERATIONS (smiling): You were promoted early.
MICHAEL: That was different.
OPERATIONS (checking the panel): Yes. There aren't many like you. Vizcano's on the team?
MICHAEL: That's right.
OPERATIONS: How much does Nikita know about her?
MICHAEL: Not much.
Operations nods, and Michael leaves.

The Perch: Section One's command center. It's nickname is derived from the fact that it contains a row of windows overlooking the facility's central hub, including Communications and Ordnance. The briefing table is located right below The Perch.

Section One, briefing table...
Operations has assembled Nikita and her team and is using a holoslide to display an image of Peter Stark with accompanying intel.
OPERATIONS: Peter Stark. A minor player in the arms trade, but with a rapidly increasing profile. He's moving a shipment from storage to a sale point. You'll intercept and acquire him, alive.
VIZCANO (incredulously) : Uh, excuse me. We don't have a point of sale?
OPERATIONS: Not a precise one.
VIZCANO: Is that an intel failure?
OPERATIONS: Given the time constraints, no.
VIZCANO: Making an acquisition in transit is obviously a mistake.
NIKITA (annoyed): You don't know what you're talking about.
OPERATIONS (equally as annoyed): Quiet, both of you. The mission is set. It will be carried out as profiled.
Operations walks away. The others disperse, as well, and Vizcano glances at Nikita with a smirk as she goes.

Section One, Van Access...
As he returns from the field with his team, Michael passes Nikita and her team on the way out.
MICHAEL: All set?
NIKITA: All Set. (She has walked past him, but  stops and turns back.) Michael, did you happen to have a chance to look over the mission profile?
NIKITA: What did you think?
MICHAEL: It doesn't matter what I think.
Trying to conceal her disappointment, Nikita follows her team into the portal. They pause there.
NIKITA: We hit the target site in 75 minutes. You've all seen the topo maps. I need the Red Team...
Vizcano is whispering something to Mentz.
NIKITA: Vizcano, pay attention.
Vizcano ignores Nikita and keeps talking.
NIKITA: Vizcano!
Vizcano gives her an insubordinate look.
NIKITA: You'll cover the southern egress and then take out the driver. Mentz, Taylor -- delay, engage on command.
All four members of the team enter the elevator.

Until midway through Season 3 the location of Section One is unknown to viewers. However, it is clearly somewhere in Europe, since Nikita's team is going to try to acquire Stark in Eastern Europe, and Nikita has informed her team that they will reach the target site in 75 minutes. This could involve air travel. (Section has its own Air Tactical service.)

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, a deserted road at night...
Vizcano is stationed near a small bridge, armed with a scoped sniper's rifle as a truck approaches.
VIZCANO (into comm unit): Target is in sight.

Inside the mission van...
Nikita is seated at a computer console.
NIKITA (via comm link, to Vizcano): Take out the driver.

At the bridge...
Vizcano sights in on the truck's driver, then notices a second vehicle coming along the road in the wake of the truck.
VIZCANO: There's a second truck.

Inside the mission van...
NIKITA: Proceed as planned.

At the bridge...
VIZCANO: This is outside mission parameters. We should abort.

Inside the mission van...
NIKITA (curtly): Take out the driver -- now.

At the bridge...
Vizcano attempts to target the truck driver, but the truck is no longer in her line-of-sight.

Inside the mission van...
VOICE OF VIZCANO (over comm link): Target out of range.
NIKITA (disgusted): Okay. Taylor and Mentz, it's up to you. Go. Now.

On a hillside above the road...
Taylor and Mentz see the truck coming and take aim as Vizcano moves to join them. They open fire. The truck's driver and the men in the jeep (the second vehicle) return fire. Two of the hostiles fall. Peter Stark takes cover on the bridge. He pulls the pin on a grenade and tosses it into the back of the truck. The truck explodes. Stark escapes in the jeep.

Inside the mission van...
Nikita is watching the action on her monitor. She opens a comm link to Section.
NIKITA: Birkoff, target is heading east. We need fall-backs.

During a mission, one or more team members will be wearing a vidcam so that a visual record of what occurs can be added to a record of all relevant communications to make a mission tape. (Mentioned below.) This video capability is often installed in sunglasses or, for night missions, in headgear such as night-vision goggles.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: I'm on it.

Inside the mission van...
Nikita sheds her comm earpiece and exits the van.

On a hillside above the road...
Taylor, Mentz and Vizcano grimly stare at the burning truck on the road below.

Section One, The Perch...
(Some time later.) Nikita stands stiffly, staring out of the windows, as an agitated Operations glares at her..
OPERATIONS: The hostile force was eliminated but the target escaped. Reason for the failure?
NIKITA: The assault was poorly coordinated.
OPERATIONS: Obviously.  I'm asking why.
NIKITA: I take full responsibility. It won't happen again.
OPERATIONS: According to the mission tapes, Vizcano disobeyed a direct order.
NIKITA: She substituted her judgment for the mission profile.
OPERATIONS: Do you recommend abeyance?
NIKITA (fervently): Because I don't think an operative should be cancelled for one mistake.
OPERATIONS (pacing): If you've read her jacket you know it's not the first time. You say you take responsibility, but the truth is you're avoiding it. A bad operative is worse than none.
NIKITA (avoiding eye contact with Operations): It's possible that the profile was flawed. You questioned it yourself.
OPERATIONS: Once a profile is activated there are no unauthorized deviations.
NIKITA: I won't order a cold-blooded murder.
OPERATIONS: Even if she'd be happy ordering yours?
NIKITA (looking him in the eye): That's right.
OPERATIONS: This is not a scout troop, Nikita. There are no merit badges for fair play.
NIKITA: Like I said, I'll take responsibility. Whatever it is.
OPERATIONS (coldly): Yes, you will.  That will be all.

Abeyance: Section operatives who fail to measure up are placed in abeyance, which means they are slated for suicide missions.

Section One, Systems...
Nikita and Birkoff are at a workstation, looking at a monitor.
BIRKOFF: Since the attack, Stark has burrowed under pretty deep. There's no sign of him.
NIKITA: Associates?
BIRKOFF: This is the most promising. Rolf Prager. (Prager's file appears on the monitor.) He's got at least three deals in progress with Stark. He's bound to know where he is.
NIKITA: So we just grab Prager and hopefully he can help us find Stark. This is getting complicated.
BIRKOFF: That's what happens when the prime mission fails.
NIKITA: What do you have on Prager?
BIRKOFF: He's based here. (A building schematic appears on the monitor.) It looks like an office building. Security is tight.
NIKITA: Technology or personnel?
BIRKOFF: Both. They have an integral alarm system that can't be deactivated. It'll go off the moment you breach the perimeter.
NIKITA: Okay. Pull it up, Birkoff.
Birkoff activates a holograph of the building on the sim-rep table. Nikita circles the table, carefully studying the sim-rep, then crouches to get a closer look at the rotating holograph.
BIRKOFF: Nikita, you can't afford another failure.
NIKITA: I know.
BIRKOFF: And if Vizcano is the problem maybe you should get rid of her.
NIKITA (standing up): Did Operations put you up to this?
BIRKOFF: He didn't have to. I saw Vizcano's file.
NIKITA: I've seen it too.
BIRKOFF: Not the personnel file. (He starts to walk away.) The psych file.
NIKITA: Well, what about it?
BIRKOFF (turning at the door to face Nikita): She's in love with Michael. She's fixated on him. She tried to kill herself last year. (He leaves the room.)

Systems' sim-rep table creates three-dimensional, computer-simulated, holographic replicas of building plans, etc.

Section One, Michael's office...
At his desk, Michael looks up briefly as Nikita enters, before turning his attention back to his computer.
NIKITA: You could have told me.
MICHAEL: About what?
NIKITA (leaning on Michael's desk): You know what. Vizcano.
Michael does not respond, keeps typing until Nikita reaches over and stops him.
NIKITA: Why didn't you tell me?
MICHAEL: I didn't think it was important.
NIKITA (incredulous): Not important?
MICHAEL: Suppose you had known. What would you have done?
NIKITA: I'd have picked someone else.
MICHAEL: That's why I didn't tell you. (He secures the computer, stands up, and heads for the door.)
NIKITA (moving to block the door):What?
MICHAEL: The best thing that could happen to a team leader is to have a rebellious operative.
MICHAEL: Because if you control that operative, you control the team. That's why I chose you for so many missions, early on.
NIKITA: Because if you kept me in line the others would follow.
MICHAEL: That's right. (He opens the door and walks out -- only to return.) Can I give you a piece of advice?
NIKITA: Go ahead.
MICHAEL: It's best to be ruthless. If you're not, it's essential to appear that way.
NIKITA: Is that your secret, Michael? You just appear to be ruthless?
Michael says nothing more, and leaves.

Section One, Munitions...
Walter is at his workbench when Nikita walks in.
NIKITA: Hi, Walter. Are the new scopes ready?
WALTER: Just about. How you holding up?
NIKITA: All right. The last mission didn't go too well.
WALTER: Well, all that matters is the final score. You get the fuel rods, all is forgiven.
NIKITA: And if I don't get the fuel rods?
WALTER: All won't be forgiven.
NIKITA: What do you think they'll do to me?
WALTER: They'll think of something.
NIKITA: Walter, what do you know about Vizcano?
WALTER: Vizcano -- or Vizcano and Michael? (He continues to work.) She tried to kill herself. Some people say it was over him.
NIKITA: You don't think so?
WALTER: I guess if someone wants to die, one reason is as good as another. Personally, being in love made me want to live.
NIKITA: Even if in the end you knew you couldn't have the one you loved?
WALTER (taking a moment to ponder): I guess that all depends on what you value more -- the journey or the destination.
NIKITA: Walter, sometimes I don't know if you are incredibly wise or just really full of crap.
WALTER (pondering this, too): Yeah. I have the same problem myself. (A mock snarl.) Get out of here!
NIKITA (smiling): Back to work.

Section One, corridor leading to Van Access...
Nikita and her team are walking down the corridor, with Nikita bringing up the rear.
NIKITA: We'll be onsite in ninety minutes. You've seen the schematics. The alarm will go off...
Vizcano is talking to Mentz and ignoring Nikita.
NIKITA: Vizcano.
VIZCANO (turning): What?
Nikita throws a punch that knocks Vizcano down. Before she can recover, Nikita is straddling her and holding a knife to her throat.
NIKITA: The mission was planned for four, but if you'd rather stay here, we'll get by with three. You coming or not?
VIZCANO: I'm coming.
NIKITA: Are you sure?
VIZCANO: Yes. I'm sure.
Nikita removes the knife -- but not before drawing blood. Both women get to their feet. Vizcano touches her throat and looks at the blood on her fingers.
NIKITA (to the whole team): When I talk, everyone shuts up and listens. No one questions the plan or any modifications I may make during the course of the mission. Understood?
All three team members nod.
NIKITA: Good. Let's roll.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe -- An office building, at night...
Nikita's black-clad team approaches a door. Mentz swiftly uses a laser on the lock's bolt, and they enter. In the first office, they startle a janitor (The Goatee Man.)
MENTZ: Get out of here.
The janitor disappears into another room. Mentz and Taylor proceed down a hallway, checking the rooms as they go. At Room 21 they are fired upon by one of Prager's men. Mentz shoots him. Meanwhile, Vizcano enters a laboratory and gets into a firefight with another of Prager's men, and kills him. A second hostile jumps her. They are locked in hand-to-hand combat as Nikita enters. She spots Prager peering around a door. Prager makes a dash for a stairwell.
NIKITA: Prager!
Prager freezes at the top of the stairs. Nikita spots another hostile, behind Vizcano -- and shoots him. Prager sees his chance and flees down the stairs. Nikita runs to the top of the stairs and shoots Prager (who is on the landing below) in the leg. Prager falls down the flight of stairs. Nikita goes down and kneels beside the unconscious man, checking his pulse. The other team members arrive.
TAYLOR: Is he alive?
NIKITA: He better be. Get him out of here. Gently.
Taylor and Mentz carry Prager out. Vizcano looks at Nikita, then follows them.

The mysterious Goatee Man appears briefly in a number of Season Two episodes, sometimes with his identical twin. Their identity is revealed in "Adrian's Garden."

Section One, Communications...
(Some time later.) Nikita is at a workstation as Operations walks up.
OPERATIONS: He'll live. But he's still unconscious.
NIKITA: He hit his head. It couldn't be helped.
OPERATIONS: The mission tapes indicate otherwise. He was stopped. Your attention was diverted. The lives of operatives are secondary to the success of the mission.
NIKITA (crossly): There was no need to choose.
She walks into a glassed-in room containing computer mainframes. Operations follows her.
OPERATIONS (smiling): You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? You think you're a lonely beacon of decency in an insane world. Or something like that. Isn't that true?
Nikita glances at him, but says nothing, keys something into a computer.
OPERATIONS: Section isn't me or Madeline or Michael. It's bigger, deeper, smarter than any of us.
NIKITA: You make it sound like it's alive.
OPERATIONS: Oh yes. And we all walk the narrow path to keep it that way.
NIKITA: A path without feeling, compassion, or hope.
NIKITA: We die so the Section can live.
NIKITA (turning her attention back to the computer): I can't accept that.
OPERATIONS: You have no choice, Nikita. No one does. Especially me. Do you understand?
NIKITA: I understand that you're talking to me for once.
Operations gives her a long look, nods slightly, and leaves.

Section One, Communications...
Still working on the next phase of the Stark mission, Nikita takes a break, putting her feet up and sipping tea from a glass mug. Section is quiet, the Common Area is darkened. Vizcano enters the Common Area, sees Nikita, hesitates, then walks into Communications.
VIZCANO: You shouldn't have done that for me today.
NIKITA: So I've been told.
VIZCANO: So why did you do it?
NIKITA: Because you're one of us. You're on the team. Whichever way you want to put it.
VIZCANO: You're crazy.
NIKITA: Well, if that's your way of thanking me, you're welcome. (She turns back to the computer.) Now, I've got a lot of work to do, so...
VIZCANO: What's it like? To be loved by Michael? I know I shouldn't ask. I just can't help it.
NIKITA (surprised): I don't know.
VIZCANO: I was alone, confused, scared. Well, you know what it's like when you first enter Section. Michael seemed like a god. Not afraid of anything. He knew me better than I knew myself.
NIKITA (knowing exactly what Vizcano means): Yeah.
VIZCANO: And even then, he...I knew it was just part of the drill. Section wants you to imprint someone like a...like an animal.
NIKITA: You fell in love.
VIZCANO (nods, sighs): Sometimes I really thought that he showed signs of caring. Then, other times it was obvious that he didn't. And just when I thought I was making some progress, you came along. And that's when I lost it. If you're smart, you'll stay just out of reach. Michael doesn't need a companion. He needs a quest.
NIKITA: Well, why don't you become his quest?
VIZCANO (shakes her head): No. I had my chance. It's too late.(She sighs.) Although I think I'll always love him. May the best woman win.
NIKITA: Vizcano, there is no contest. I'm not playing.
Vizcano just smiles and walks away across the Common Area.

Section One, The White Room...
Prager is strapped into the chair. Nikita stands in front of him.
NIKITA: Where is Peter Stark?
PRAGER: I don't know anybody named Peter Stark. You've got the wrong guy. I'm just a businessman.
NIKITA (smiling pleasantly): Well, think of me as an executive with a career crisis, and I need your help. So I'm going to break a bone a minute. In three hours you'll be a rag doll. Except rag dolls don't feel pain. You will.
She takes the little finger of Prager's left hand and breaks it.
PRAGER: All right! All right!

Section One, Michael's office...
Operations and Michael are observing the Prager interrogation on Michael's computer screen.
VOICE OF PRAGER (groaning in pain): I do know Stark!
OPERATIONS (approvingly): She's come a long way.
MICHAEL: She's learning to stay focused.
OPERATIONS (pacing in front of the desk): I must admit, I had my doubts about her original mission plan.
MICHAEL: It would have worked, except for Vizcano.
OPERATIONS: But it must be said, Nikita still has one basic flaw.
MICHAEL: Compassion. (Rising from his desk, he moves to the window.)
OPERATIONS: Compassion, sympathy, a tendency to care. Call it whatever you like, it's holding her back.
MICHAEL: I know.
OPERATIONS: With most operatives, self-preservation takes over. Compassion is the first thing to go.
MICHAEL: She's different.
OPERATIONS: Have you tried, Michael? Really tried to crush out her feelings? Hmm?
MICHAEL: Of course.
OPERATIONS:You've succeeded with so many others. Why not her?
MICHAEL: She's strong.
OPERATIONS: Is that the only reason?
OPERATIONS: Well, you'll have to keep trying until you succeed.
MICHAEL: I understand.
OPERATIONS (nods): As for Vizcano, install the appropriate personnel configuration.
MICHAEL: I have a meeting with Nikita in a few minutes.
OPERATIONS: She'll fight it.
MICHAEL: She'll accept it in the end. She'll have to.
Operations nods again, and Michael leaves.

When Operations tells Michael to "install the appropriate personnel configuration" with regard to Vizcano, he is obviously issuing instructions for Michael to modify the Stark mission profile so that Vizcano is given the most high-risk role. In effect, this makes her an abeyance operative.

Section One, Communications...
Nikita arrives at Birkoff's bay and hands Birkoff a disk.
NIKITA: Stark has a base of operations on the southern border of Belarus. He's there now. These are the coordinates. Punch up the satellite intel.
As Birkoff pulls up the data, Michael joins them.
MICHAEL: Operations wants me to help you with the mission profile. It's critical that Stark be taken alive.
NIKITA: I'm aware of that. I don't need any help.
BIRKOFF: Got it. Level 2 security.
MICHAEL: Someone has to backstop.
NIKITA: That's a death trap in this setup.
BIRKOFF: Maybe, but it's necessary.
NIKITA: Well then, I'll do it.
MICHAEL: You'll be running the mission. Taylor and Mentz are the flush team. It will have to be Vizcano.
BIRKOFF (rising to leave the bay): He's right again, Nikita. I'll assemble the packets.
NIKITA (to Michael): You came here to kill her.
MICHAEL: I came here to make sure the mission profile is correct.
NIKITA: I took your advice. You know, about pretending to be ruthless. You don't pretend. You like it.
MICHAEL: She's a marginal performer. She's lucky she's not in abeyance.
Vizcano enters.
VIZCANO: So, Birkoff says we're going live.
NIKITA: Yes. In an hour.
VIZCANO (to Michael): Maybe after the mission we could go out for a drink. What do you say?
MICHAEL: Why not.
VIZCANO (smiling): Good. (She walks away.)
NIKITA: Michael, you'll make that date. She won't die, not on my mission.
Michael leaves Communications.

Belarus - Stark's stronghold, at night...
Nikita's team makes its approach on an abandoned factory. Taylor slips up behind a guard and snaps his neck. Mentz plants a charge on a power box that, when it explodes, plunges the building into darkness. The team enters, all utilizing night vision visors. Taylor and Mentz take point, Nikita follows at some distance. Vizcano stays behind as backstop.
TAYLOR (via comm unit): We're in position.
NIKITA (via comm unit): Go.
Vizcano spots Stark and one of his men descending a metal staircase. The latter spots Vizcano and a firefight erupts. More hostiles begin shooting at her as Vizcano takes cover behind a large piece of equipment.
NIKITA (via comm unit upon hearing the gunfire): Vizcano, you all right?
VIZCANO: Yeah, I'm fine.
Taylor takes out another of Stark's men as Nikita, thanks to her night vision visor, sees another hostile moving in Vizcano's direction.
NIKITA (via comm unit): Vizcano, coming your way.
As the hostile passes Vizcano's place of concealment, she trips him, stabs him with a knife and seeks cover again. In another part of the facility, Nikita reaches an open area just as the lights come back up. She strips off her night visor as Stark's men appear on a catwalk overhead and begin firing at her. Nikita scrambles for cover. Elsewhere, Mentz takes out one hostile before being wounded. Taylor shoots the hostile who wounded Mentz, then pulls Mentz to cover.
NIKITA (via comm unit): Taylor! I need cover!
TAYLOR (via comm unit as he returns hostile fire): Mentz is hit. We're pinned!
The hostiles suddenly stop shooting at Nikita. She sees no one, and cautiously stands, begins backing around a corner. She doesn't see the hostile behind her, taking aim at her back with a pistol. A gunshot -- and the hostile falls. Nikita turns, looks at him, and then searches for the source of the shot. It's Vizcano. Suddenly Stark races up a metal staircase. Vizcano pursues him. Nikita takes a different route to cut him off. As Vizcano proceeds down a catwalk she is struck from behind by Stark. She falls and Stark looms over her, taking aim with a pistol. Nikita hears a shot, a yelp of pain.
STARK (calling out): Where...are....you? (He laughs.) Come on. I've, uh, got your friend!
Nikita reaches the catwalk. Stark is standing there holding Vizcano in front of him, a pistol to her head.
NIKITA: Okay. No problem. (She approaches slowly, arms outstretched.) It's over, Stark.
STARK: Call your people off. I want a chopper that can land on the roof.
NIKITA: They don't bargain.
STARK: You want me to pull the trigger? (He laughs again.)
NIKITA: Just let her go. They'll take it easy on you. They just want to talk. If they had wanted you to be dead, you'd be dead by now.
STARK: Oh! So you've got to take me alive. Oh, okay. Ah, you know what that tells me?
NIKITA: Nobody needs to get hurt.
STARK: Uh, no, what that tells me is (turns the next phrase into a taunting singsong) I can do anything I want to, I want to, I want to, anything I want to. (He cocks the gun.)
NIKITA: Stark!
STARK: Boom! (He laughs.) Oh, sorry. (He drops the gun -- then spins Vizcano around and shoves her off the catwalk.
Nikita can see in a glance that Vizcano, sprawled on the floor far below, is dead. In a cold fury she grabs Stark and bends him backward over the catwalk rail, pressing a gun to his head.
STARK: You've got to take me alive, remember?
NIKITA: I've changed my mind.
STARK (afraid): You can't kill me!
NIKITA: Watch me.
STARK: Wait! The fuel rods -- I can find them.
NIKITA: Shut up!
STARK: That's what this is all about, isn't it? It has to be. I can bring you to them 'cause I know where they are. And...and those innocent people who are gonna die...that's what this is about, isn't it? Isn't it!
NIKITA: You're going to go back to Section and give us what we need. But after that, you're mine. (She laughs.) You're mine!
Nikita hurls Stark to the floor of the catwalk, aiming her gun at him. Glancing sorrowfully down at Vizcano, she reaches out a hand...

Section One, The Perch...
Operations and Nikita are present.
OPERATIONS: Why didn't you interrogate Stark?
NIKITA: I had Taylor do it instead.
NIKITA: I didn't think I'd be able to stay objective.
OPERATIONS: Then you made the right call.
NIKITA: I have a request. After the interrogation is completed, I'd like to spend a few moments with Stark alone. Before he's cancelled.
OPERATIONS: The interrogation is concluded.
NIKITA (surprised): Where is he?
OPERATIONS (mildly): He's been released.
NIKITA (stunned): Released?
OPERATIONS: He has a number of contacts which will prove useful to us, especially in Eastern Europe.
Shocked, Nikita can only manage a nod.
OPERATIONS: Your desire to exact some form of retribution for Vizcano's death is natural. We all regret what happened. (He turns away from Nikita.) But we can't be allowed to love our friends, or hate our enemies. Some day you'll understand that. (He turns back to look at Nikita -- only to discover that she has left The Perch.

Section One, Common Area...
Crossing the room, Nikita passes Michael without even acknowledging him. Michael watches her walk away. So does Operations, from The Perch above.


Written by Peter Mohan & Jim Henshaw

Guest stars:
Janet Kidder...Vizcano
Diego Chambers...Peter Stark
Peter Mensah...Taylor
Neno Vojinovit...Mentz
Will Corno...Rolf Prager

Transcript by Jason M.