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Season Six
Readers' Comments

Please feel free to send me your comments and/or criticisms to lfnforever2010@gmail.com.
 I value your opinions, and look forward to constructive criticisms that can only help improve Season Six.

For the fans of La Femme Nikita, you are doing an amazing job. It is wonderful to think that there are
others out there who appreciated this series on a deeper level, even to have it live on unto another season
and in this case Season Six.

At first I was Skeptical about how you would spin it, because I was happy with the way things were left off
in Season Five. Nothing was over done and Michael and Nikita got their happy ending... well at least their love was out there.
Upon reading the Season Six fan fiction you managed to maintain each characteristic proportionate to each character. You
managed to bring back characters to a full development.

I understood Jasmine and even Quinn for reprising their roles, but bringing back Dori Burns was a huge surprise. Dori's storyline
was well created. I have to commend you for your ability to have each character grow on us. You managed to connect the dots
with such insight.

It felt as though La Femme Nikita was still living on and Season Six was the evidence of that.
You also noticed the trick to each season title.

The one Word for Season One ...
Two words for Season Two... etc
...and now six words for Season Six.

How many episodes do you have in store?
How often should I look out for these transcripts?

La Femme Nikita is a rare beauty of a series television has ever created. What other show on television has the ability to create
a love like Michael and Nikita? What other series would take the time to create such a beautiful love story?

I must thank you incredibly for what you are doing. There are many fans out there who would appreciate your work.

I am one fan who would be looking forward for more of your installments :)

One more question, would Michael be showing his talents once again in this season? I noticed you managed to mention his name with respect to Mr. Jones, by the way nice stretch there.
--Lexa Cliche,23 May 2009
I came across your site and I have to say, it is awesome! Your season six reads like true "Section" material.  I would love to read more though, however you've got to bring back Michael. I mean, you can't have Nikita inside Section without Michael you know!  I'll be waiting for more stuff.
Great creative writing.
Nkaze (Texas), 21 January 2009
I’ve just found this website and the three episodes of series 6.

You have managed to capture the feel and describe the changes just as I thought they would take place.
I wish I had the ability and imagination to write like this, after seeing what you have created I’m encouraged to try.
The new characters are developing and beginning to have depth. The old characters haven’t changed, except that Nikita is moving into her new role with a combination of ruthlessness and compassion that makes her such an interesting person to watch.
It’s a pity that such a series was dropped – but at least we can be grateful that they didn’t try to change the series in their own image…
I look forward to further episodes in future.
Thanks for what you are doing.
--Tom Mudditt, 15 February 2008
Thank you for having a LFN season six in your website! I hated the ending to the series, and find that the plot does not make sense, does not have a logical flow. Just a small note to your writing of season six: can we have a return of the romance between Micheal and Nikita? After all that they have been through, it does not make sense that they seperate in the end. Can we make a happy ending, in the final of the final for this story, please?
--Natajitr Cindhuchao, 21 January 2007
It's the year 2006! And now I have found your website. I must say, that I am reading the three episodes of season six and they are really very good. The last is from May 2003!!! You do not write anymore, I suppose, that is a pity. You are a very good one. It would be nice when there came on television a season six. But i do not think so. Thank you and the best wishes.
--Apollonia, 1 April 2006
I just found your webpage for the new Season Six episodes. I assume you wrote those. So far I have only read the first one - "From the End to the Beginning", and I think it is excellent. Very close to the original episodes in tone and feel. I am going to read the other two episodes. I very strongly hope you will continue writing more episodes. Is there anything I can do to help with any part of your efforts?
--greg, 27 July 2005
I just finished reading the three episodes of Season Six and have to say that they astounded me. I think they are the perfect slant and mood for what a real Season Six on television could have been. Actually, I still think it would be viable to this day. Peta Wilson is older and more mature -- still a gorgeous woman and I wish that someone would take these episodes and attempt a return of the series. Loved the new characters of Mendez and Kwong. Not Michael or Nikita -- as they are irreplaceable -- but these two new ops are, so far, filling the hole left in their absence and very interesting in their own right. If there are more eps written -- I would love to read them. Are you the author? If so -- wonderful job. Thank you for sharing.

My own LFN background -- I caught the show from the episode of FRIEND in the first season and in about 15 minutes was totally and completely hooked. I was on Cherokees' original mailing list and posted daily during the next couple of years. I wrote a couple of Fan Fictions and the purchase of the DVD sets have renewed my love of the series enough to find this site. Again, if you have more episodes would you please share?

Great Job on a wonderful Website.
--Shirl, 22 June 2005
I didn't read the fan fics cuz I just couldn't the titles are all wrong! If it's season six what is up with one and two word titles??? You know what season an episode is from by two things first the title and second what everyone's hair looks like. The title is the easy way one word season one two words season two. The hair one is a bit trickier, but I have yet to be wrong.
-- LeAnne, 20 January 2005
About the season six, it is nice but too much complicated. It would be nice to see Nikita ascending first to Oversight and then to Center and give to Michael the Oversight's post, while Kwong could become the next Sections I's Operation.

-- Max, 15 August 2004
Your site is the best LFN page I have ever seen on the web! In particular I REALLY enjoyed your season six stories (every other LFN fan fic I have read doesn't even come close to the quality of your writing) . I was wondering if you will ever write anymore?

-- AJD SR, 19 May 2004
Pretty Damn Cool I must say.. Love LFN, but Michael is missing. What is lfn without Michael and Nikita together. They have always belonged together. They would be great as Operations and Madeline were, but their romance should last. Michael needs to make a new comeback, it would be even better to find out that the child Michael claims to be his is not.
--ATLANTISS@aol.com, 20 April 2004
-- Paulina, 5 January 2004
I've been an LFN fan since watching the original movie over a decade ago, and like most fans I was addicted to the series. The LFN series was left very open-ended....Anyway, your Season Six scrips are absolutely brilliant. A story like this could definitely bring LFN back to television, or at least spark a "reunion" type miniseries. Just a couple of comments: 1) Bring back Michael. The LFN story has just as much to do with him as it does Nikita, and 2) Though it may take some brainstorming, try to keep the traditoin going by including six words in the titles for the Season Six episodes. Thanks for the opportunity to comment and most of all for the wonderful website. I'm very much looking forward to reading the next installment of Season Six.
-- Seth, 16 November 2003
Hey the website is great, and just after reading 3 episodes, I'm already engrossed in the new season! Props on the creativity. I really want to know what happens with Nikita's father. If you are planning on bringing Micheal back into the picture, that would be awesome! You have to involve him with season 6. Please! What would Nikita fans do without Micheal?
-- Holly, 26 October 2003
Hey. I love you website.....I have a few questions. What happens after that third episode in the season six? Are there no more transcripts? please say no, cuz i'm hooked. So basically i'm just wondering what happens to Nikita. Does she find her father? Does she get out of Section? Does she get back together with Michael? Do Jasmine and Mendez hook up? I need to know please... it's kinda irritating and annoying not knowing. Sorry for the trouble. Hope you can help. Thank you for your time.
--Michelle, 17 October 2003
After reading the first episode, I was impressed. I had to read the next one. After that, it was a must to read the one after that. Now that I’ve read all three stories, I must say you know your stuff and your work would make an excellent season six series for LFN. You rekindled “THE CRAVE” and I must have more. I will definitely check the site more frequently in hopes to find that you wrote another episodeJ Please continue. I must know if Nikita finds her father……..Excellent job -- Long live LFN!
--PR in KC
Hi. after visiting lfnforever website i was so happy that there's a website that is still on after the show stopped.
And I love the season six, but i do have a little suggestion: you should incorporate the fan fiction like "too high price to pay." the whole nikita watching michael and him knowing that she's watching and you should totally make her pregnant, if possible, but if you're not going to do all that at least you should bring michael back somehow. i think that would be awesome. why? because no matter what she still loves him and always will and she cares about him so she would want to watch over him like a guardian angel.
And can you please email me if their is anything new on the website especially if the season six or fanfiction is new. thank you."
-- la femme nikita fan, 12 July 2003
"Okay, I may have found your season 6 later than everyone else, but I have been loyal to the lfn series and msg. boards since the series started, and I wanted to tell you how completely believable and suspenseful your season 6 episodes are. There were only a few things that irked me a little. First, the titles do not conform to the regular 6th season, 6 words in the title tradition, and in S5 I did not sense this hatred Michelle had for Nikita, so that to me was surprising. Nonetheless, your episodes are briliiantly written, the relationship you created between Michelle and Nikita is absolutely brilliant, Kwong and Mendez are engaging characters, Walter, Jason and Quinn are true to form, and the father mystery plagues on..... a beautiful, and totally LFN plot. While I do support Michael's return, and indeed Michelle's plotting provides opportunity, I can't help but think that Michael is above Nikita.... I mean he was in Section longer, took Operations' role when he left, so It just makes me feel like if he is brought back, he needs to be part of an upper echelon we have yet to meet, her father's right hand man or something...... but still very much in control and aware of what's happening in the section community............ well that's it for me, you have given me a new Nikita fix that I can think about, and ponder new episodes, and I will try again to write an episode to continue the story you have started, I look forward to your next installment,"
-- pandora, 4 June 2003
"I look forward to you bringing Michael back. For such a fantastic program, I was really dissappointed in how the series ended. Will be watching out for segment #4."
-- Mara, 4 June 2003
"I'm pretty sure you get this a lot, but you're an amazing writer! I read the season six transcripts for LFN and they were pretty impressive. I was so impressed that I wondered why you never sent your scripts in to USA Network or another network and see if they could possibly make a movie or additonal shows from them. It would be really cool. Think about it. LFN fan forever,"
-- babyblue7, 2 June 2003
"Wow! That's all i can say! Obviously much research was done in order to get the scripts just right. I thought it was amazing! Why don't you send these to the WB or USA Network and see if maybe a season six can really happen?"
-- bwell 3, 30 May 2003
"I have taken the opportunity to download and read your installments for Season Six. I was very impressed with the wealth of details and how clearly you established shots which would easily translate to video. You've also managed to capture the nuanced dialogue of the original characters from the series.
"Some observations:
"The interplay between Kwan and Mendez lays a basis for the next 'super-couple.' Nice touch of humor in their relationship.
"Loved what you did with Walter and Jason. There are subtle suggestions for such a scenario in the series.
"Serrett has great potential for a leading role. I see him as the next Quixote, fighting the Section windmills, but not losing his battle to madness. Please bring him back, give him some motive for staying. In him I recognize the initial innocence of Nikita with the potential perhaps, at some later date, of evolving into some of what Michael represented.
"You've definitely hooked me with Gabriel, the possibility that Nikita's father is still alive, and the suggestion that Michael may have had knowledge of what was to occur on the bridge.
"My interest is in characterization. Fast paced action stories sometimes focus on the car chase at the expense of the character. I realize the nature of this series demands highly technical action sequences, but I hope you decide to provide more dialogue, more down time, so that we can get to know these people better.
"All of this brings me to my final request, one I've suggested before. After reading what you have written thus far, I am convinced that you can and you must incorporate Michael into Season Six. I don't know where you intend to take Gabriel, but you already have the dark, brooding Byronic hero at hand. Roy Dupuis has practically given you carte blanche to revive him, since he sees Michael as representative of the knight errant. This would not in any way diminish the strength of Nikita's character. They are fairly even in the "who will save whom" category. In addition, with Michelle's plot to usurp her sister, you've provided the perfect entree for Michael's return. These characters live in such a murky moral morass (someone stop me before I alliterate again!), and they need the fire created by the interaction between Michael and Nikita. As you so correctly pointed out, the great Romantic writers of the 19th century did incorporate the "love blighted by a Fate which the lovers had no control over ... the tragic element, a bittersweet melancholy..." And what is "La Femme Nikita", or any good drama, at its core, if not a combination of all of those elements? (OK. High tech and car chases included).
"So Jason - your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to return Michael to the fold and continue the story. I eagerly await your next installment.
Thanks for the great website."
-- Mary, 30 May 2003
"Hi all, I.ve just read "Season 6" of La Femme Nikita and it sounds like a great idea. I've been a fan of the show since day 1 and was sad to learn that they have stopped filming. Anyway, keep up the great work. It's a shame that you have so many new characters, but as most of the original cast have been killed off, there isn't much of a choice."
-- Reese, 7 May 2003
"I have enjoyed your stories and look forward to more. Have you heard about any possible movie in the works regarding LFN? I did not care for the way the series ended, but still a big fan of the program."
-- Mara, 3 March 2003
"[S]o far what I have read is absolutely wonderful. It really makes me use my imagination and believe it is all back again. I don't usually get involved in many TV shows but when I watched Nikita, I was hooked and very sad when it ended. I have almost all of them on tape (only missing a few from the beginning). Your story carries me away. Keep up the good work, I will check back often. Thank-you."
-- Chris, 28 January 2003
"How nice to see that you're writing again and that this site is still up and running. I really enjoyed this first episode of Season Six. All remained in character and three years down the road, I still feel as passionate about the fan fiction as I did for the original series. Come to think of it, this episode seems even better than some of Season 5 and 4(!) Pity TPTB couldn't get the fans to write for them. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to the following chapters."
--Sam Prince, 17 January 2003
"Hey, pretty cool stuff you have for the sixth season. I was just watching the Oxygen channel and it had a marathon for La Femme Nikita and I just previously got hooked during the winter break. I was wondering if there was ever going to be another season. umm so is this thing supposed to be like a book or something coz umm i'm kinda confused.... it's cool though, but umm like some people would eventually like to see Micheal and Nikita back together coz it seems so tragic that after everything, they still aren't together. Aightes, well, happy new year!"
-- Veah, 2 January 2003
"Can't wait for another installment. We need Michael back."
Anonymous, 14 December 2002
"By the way, great episodes on season six. I enjoyed them very much. In fact, I think they're so good that you should try to get them made for real~"
Christina, 12 December 2002
"....I also have to say that I read your season six and think it is as good or even better than LFN episodes. I really can see the action and you have really been successful in keeping with the characters....Keep up the good work and I have to say I will be waiting for your next episode."
Laura, aka Intnoir,  4 December 2002
"I enjoyed "Forced Acquisition" and eagerly await the posting of "Serpentine" due out this month."
--Penny, 10 November 2002
"I just got done reading "Forced Acquisition" and enjoyed it a great deal. Do you plan on putting any new original stories on your site?"
--Daniel, 25 October 2002
"I loved the writing of the episode. Everything about Forced Acquisition was in true La Femme Nikita format. Too bad it did not include the character Michael. I was thinking that the other characters that were killed off, could be brought back by cloning. I remember there was an old Nikita episode that had a clone of Nikita as a child. Maybe this could be a window to bring back some of the original cast on the La Femme Nikita Forever web site. Keep the episodes coming. I will be a fan forever."
--Geralynn, 13 October 2002
"I like the concept of season six, and enjoyed my quick skimming of first episode. When there is more time to read word for word shall comment more fully. Considering you are not a professional screenwriter you really seemed to pick up on the original series clues as to where the show can go and remain true to its origins."
--valentineop, 29 August 2001
"Wow.....I really liked what you wrote. It was very La Femme Nikita-like. I think you're doing a great job at it and I hope you keep writing. Maybe somehow you can bring back Michael into it again....I think that would be great. I really enjoyed reading the first episode. Keep on writing...I'm looking forward to the second episode!"
--Crystal in California, 5 September 2001